"This is my third order - no canker sores!"
Mike S., Indiana

"This is my second order of 8 tubes. It has helped prevent canker sores. Thanks."
Joan N., Florida

"Thanks....great toothpaste! It works for canker sores...very much appreciated."
Ron M., Ohio

"I have 2 grandsons as well as myself using Verve and we have all stopped getting painful canker sores. So thankful!"
Catherine R., Illinois

"Thank you so much for this product - almost zero canker sores since I started using this product about a year ago!"
Wendy B., New York

"This was recommended to me today by my doctor whose husband, also a doctor, finally found it for his own canker sores. Mine have gone undiagnosed until today, after over a year. If this tube works, you've got a new customer!"
Patricia R., Virginia

"Love your product. So glad I found it. I wish more people who suffer from canker sores knew about this."
Jan B., Utah

"Your toothpaste has reduced her canker sores from one a week, to 6-8 per year. She is so happy to have it."
Debbie V., California

"This stuff is GREAT! My family has drastically decreased and almost eliminated canker sores, which had plagued us for years. A game changer. Bless you & thank you."
Joseph S., Maryland

"This toothpaste has help my canker sores and i will continue to have nothing but this toothpaste."
Betty P., Oregon

"I loved it thus I'm ordering more. Hopefully no more canker sores."
Patricia B, Wyoming

"I just want to say thank you for this product, I have seen a huge difference in the frequency and severity of canker sores since I started using your product."
Carissa S., North Dakota

"I love Verve Ultra! I don't suffer from canker sores but I just hate the way SLS-containing toothpaste makes things taste. I wish Verve Ultra was available in stores."
Jessica M., Washington

"I love this stuff!!!! No more canker sores for me."
Orlinda G., Michigan

"This is my second order from your company.....I was desperate...always getting canker sores.....i thought it was a bunch of BS but I purchased toothpaste out of desperation. I have now been about 90%."
Daniel Q., California

"I have always had a problem with canker sores and tried many remedies. I am totally happy with the results from using Verve Ultra. I get fewer canker sores and they do not becomes as severe now or last as long. Thank You."
Karen K., Florida

"I love the Verve toothpaste I ordered earlier. Gave a tube to my son who has always been plagued with canker sores. I'm going to pass one of these travel size tubes on to a friend. She has a miserable time with canker sores, and doctors have always told her just have to wait for them to go away. Anyone who's ever had multiple episodes knows that isn't an acceptable answer. Thank you for making this product."
Brenda P., Georgia

CANDICE C., California

"I am a returning customer. Your product is great. I used to have problems with canker sores. Now, I haven't had any since I started using your product. Thanks!"
Elizabeth R., Missouri

"I have been getting Verve for my daughter from our local drugstore for about a year and it has helped her so much. She used to get canker sores all the time and now she almost never does. Lately, the store has been out of Verve, so I am ordering directly from you. Thank you so much for this product!"
Amy O., Illinois

"Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your toothpaste. My 18 year old son has used it for over a year now and has had only one canker sore it that time. Prior to using Verve he had canker sores 2-3 times a month. Wish we had found it earlier. I also think it would be helpful if dentists would recommend it in their offices. If you have brochures, I'd be happy to take them to my dentist."
Laveta H., Michigan

"My husband used to suffer terribly with large numerous canker sores. Since we discovered verve toothpaste, the quality of "our" lives have greatly improved. It has been such a relief not to see him suffer. I thank you very much."
Rita A., North Carolina

"I have been using Verve toothpaste for a little over a year now. I used to get canker sores one after the other. When one started to heal a new one would pop up. I would go about a month with canker sores, they would heal for about a week and then a new one would pop up. For the first six months of using Verve Ultra I didn't have a single canker sore. Now I get one every couple of months, but it is nothing compared to what I used to get. Your toothpaste has done wonders for me and I recommend it to anyone who mentions canker sores to me. Thank you."
Cassandra M., Ohio

"I have to say that this toothpaste is really great. My son used to get canker sores one right after the other but since using this toothpaste, he's only had one breakout that I can recall. I'm really glad I found this product!"
Julie R., Washington

"I don't get canker sores, but I love the fresh soothing taste of Verve."
Liz S., Illinois

"I've tried other toothpastes and this is the only one that prevents me from getting canker sores. Why aren't there more SLS-free products sold at common drug stores?"
Grace C., Hawaii

"Hi - I am a lover of Verve toothpaste since I first discovered it. I am plagued by canker sores and with Verve almost none. In the past I used an SLS free toothpaste but it had no fluoride and not much cavity protection."
Bernadine R, Maryland

"Hello, my husband and I have been enjoying verve ultra toothpaste for over three years now. We LOVE your product!"
Laura G., Michigan

"I just wanted to tell you how much I like your product. It is difficult to find SLS free toothpaste and it is especially difficult to find SLS free with fluoride. Thanks for an excellent product. Of course, nothing is perfect, so I do have a slightly negative comment. I think the toothpaste is a bit too sweet, but I am now used to it after using the product for about 6 months. Thanks for making such a great product."
Ed K.

"I've been buying Verve Ultra for years and it has made a huge difference in reducing cancer sores. I really appreciate it!"
David W., Vermont

"First thank you for your toothpaste it has made my life so much better."
Brian B., Oregon

"I am writing to inquire about when your SLS free tooth paste will be back in stock? I tried your brand for the first time last month, and was shocked to finally find what I have been searching for for years - a paste that does not give me dry mouth for hours. I love this product so please let me know."
Brian F., California

"I just want to give a praise for this toothpaste. I have been using it for many years now and I am 99.9% free from canker sores. I suffered from canker sores my whole life until I found your product. Thank GOD for VERVE toothpaste!"
Linda P., New Jersey

"I am a pediatric dentist and have been happily using your product for a few years now. I am recommending your product to all of my patients who have a history of aphthous ulcers."
Kyle E., New Jersey

"I really appreciate the attention to detail in checking on if I ordered incorrectly. I have been using your toothpaste for 8 years now and have had very few sores since using it! I love your product! Thank you for your help!" Terra B., Florida