Why I Started Verve

Several years ago I was getting very tired of canker sores, so, like you, I went to the Internet to learn what I could about canker sore treatments and prevention. At that time the web was not nearly as well organized as it is today, but I read a lot of user group postings from individuals sharing their canker sore cures, preventions, treatments, and horror stories. As I read these I started picking up on a common theme from the people who were getting positive results, and the few dentists who added their advice. The common element was to avoid brushing with toothpastes (or using mouth rinses) that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (abbreviated as SLS).

This sounded easy enough, so I went to the store to buy a tube of SLS-free toothpaste. After reading the ingredients on about twenty tubes, I was starting to get a little frustrated. I couldn't find any "ordinary" toothpaste that did not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. There were however, a few SLS-free toothpastes for special conditions. I could choose between a product for sensitive teeth, dry mouth, or exceptionally bad breath. I chose the sensitive teeth product, even though I didn't really have sensitive teeth.

Well, to my delight, it worked. Now, having fully switched to SLS-free toothpaste, about the only time I get canker sores is when I accidentally bite the inside of my cheek or tongue.

Since then I have learned a couple more things. First, the dentists that were recommending use of SLS-free toothpaste were basing their advice on several clinical studies that showed a significant reduction in the number of canker sores when people brushed with an SLS-free toothpaste. Another thing I've learned is that canker sore treatment is covered in dental school, but not as extensively as one might think. (If you are like me, you are thinking "I've had a lot more pain from canker sores than I ever did with cavities", but go figure!)

To continue with the story, when the formerly SLS-free toothpaste I was using changed its formula, and added SLS, I was mad again. Why couldn't someone produce an ordinary, use every day, fluoride containing, SLS-free toothpaste? And is whitening too much to ask? Maybe in a refreshing gel formula with a pleasant taste?

Well, it turns out, this is not too much to ask! We have now brought just such a product to market. We hope you will try it and enjoy it.

Tom Shively
Founder and President
Salient Features, LLC
Hinsdale Illinois