Why Choose Verve

Discover SLS-Free toothpaste you will WANT to use!

  • Reduce canker sores
  • Whitening (stain removal)
  • Fluoride for cavity protection
  • Effective cleansing and mouth freshening
  • Vitamin E enriched

Canker Sore Prevention. In addition to being SLS-free, Verve contains Vitamin E and Glycerin, both of which are humectants. Humectants attract and maintain moisture. Retaining moisture in mouth tissue is important because a dry mouth, like dry lips or hands, is more susceptible to sore formation. Vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant on the surface tissue inside the mouth.

Taste. With Verve, we set out to create a toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate, and without cocoamidopropyl betaine (CAPB), that would have a great taste, and leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. While common in most premium sls toothpastes, it is not a given with SLS-free toothpaste. This is doubly important when choosing an SLS-free toothpaste since canker sore sufferers need to brush with SLS-free toothpaste all of the time, not just during outbreaks..

Whiter teeth. Many people buy Verve as a canker sore toothpaste, but end up loving it for its whitening ability (without irritating bleach or peroxide).

Economy. We have made it very inexpensive to initially place a small order because we are confident that once you have tried Verve, you will like it, and return to order again. With larger orders, the shipping cost can be greatly reduced or eliminated altogether.

To see a text version of the back of the tube, including complete ingredient list, click here.